Our Team

Paige, CCR

Pet Parent of: Kaiser

“I enjoy working in veterinary medicine because there is always something new to learn. As a CCR I am able to create a great first impression for our clients and assure them their pet is receiving the best possible care here at Healthy Paws.”

Alicia, Assistant

Pet Parent of: Chewbacca, Mittens, and Tabby

“The only thing sweeter than a pet parents’ gratitude after caring for their fur baby is knowing that our team and I have given our all to keep our patients healthy and comfortable.”

Nicole, Assistant

Pet Parent of: Stryker, Bodie, and Blitzen

“My favorite part about being a veterinary assistant at Healthy Paws is the unconditional love from all of the wonderful patients every single day.”

Amy, CVT

Pet Parent of: Byron, Hemi and Reese

“I love my job as a certified veterinary technician because I love helping people have the best experience possible with their pets. This is very important to us at Healthy Paws”

Taylor, Assistant

Pet Parent of:  Solo and Kenobi

“I love working with animals because of the great love they show us every single day. Helping to ensure they have the best quality of life is extremely rewarding.”

Margot, CVT

Pet Parent of: Rocky, Gabby and Kramer

“I love my job as a certified veterinary technician because every animal deserves the best quality of life they can get. We are their voice.”


Kwincie, CVT

Pet Parent of:  Merelda, Angel, Macie, Bullseye and Miley

“I love my job as a certified veterinary technician because no matter what, there is always something rewarding in each day”

Morgan, CVT

Pet Parent of: Makita, Apollo, and Ranger

“I love working with animals because I was made to save them. I also love educating our clients on how to best care for their pets.”

Megan, CVT

Pet Parent of: Shannon and Sayalla

“There is no greater reward than being able to be a part of an animal’s life and helping to strengthen the bond between clients and their pets. I love being able to provide great experiences and education to everyone who walks through the doors of Healthy Paws!”

Sarah, CVT

Pet Parent of: Karma, Carl, and Betty


Sasha, CVT

Pet Parent of: Twister and Smokey

“Being a veterinary technician cannot be compared to any other profession and that is what makes it such a wonderful path. There are always new tasks to learn and experience, such as my certification in animal massage therapy, and I love being able to bring that to Healthy Paws to share with clients and their pets.”